Friday, March 9, 2007

LEADgislature Work Weighed Down in Midwest

As LoonWatch moves into the 2007 spring and summer season, more and more requests for Get the Lead Out information and displays are arriving daily. As I'm swamped in the logistics of making this happen, I came across Wednesday's article in the Duluth News Tribune describing efforts by Duluth Senator Yvonne Prettner-Solon to pass a bill banning the sale of small lead fishing weights and jigs in Minnesota. Lead is a hot issue around the Midwest, but the urgency and immediacy of lead poisoning seems to cool down quick when it gets to the legislative body.

Even if legislation was passed in the near future, it can take at least two years to go into effect. The question I've been asking myself is: how do we continue to make a difference with only voluntary action? Please post comments about what is being done elsewhere and what efforts are currently underway. In the mean time, you may find this article from the American Sportfishing Association about their stance on lead in fishing tackle. It’s good to see all sides of the issues and where priorities fall.

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