Wednesday, February 14, 2007

New Identity: Blogger

Many have confessed to me honestly that they've never blogged before. I, too, am new at this. Blogebrity, blogosphere, blogroll--I couldn't keep up with all those new nouns! So while I prefer the term escribitionist, I've come to terms with being a 'blogger' and I hope this site opens up a new window for all you to interact with online journaling. If you have any questions about getting started, email me at

The above photo of LoonWatch intern Adam Yates (2002-2004) appeared in the Ontario based Simcoe Reformer's article about the 2007 Sigurd T. Olson Loon Research Award recipient, Dr. Scott Petrie. Congratulations to Adam for making the front page of a Canadian newspaper, and congratulations to Dr. Petrie and Long Point Waterfowl and Wetland Research Fund. Good luck on your project: Common Loon Contaminant Burdens and Condition during Fall Migration through the Lower Great Lakes.

Thank you to our Loon Research Award Review Panel for the time spent deliberating over proposals. If you know someone doing a loon research project, encourage them to apply to the 2008 Loon Research Award. Information will be forthcoming.

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Adam said...

Cool! Nice blog. Only one correction, I worked at LoonWatch from 2003-2006.