Friday, December 11, 2009

BRI and the Yellow-billed Loon

The largest of loons, it nests in a relatively small part of the arctic. It has basically the same breeding and wintering coloring as the Common Loon except for a yellow bill. In the winter it tends to have more white on the face than the Common Loon. It breeds in the Arctic, Russia, Canada, and Alaska. In the winter it can be found off the coasts of Norway and western Canada. Sometimes they go to large inland lakes and have been as far south as Arizona.

See BRI's article on the Yellow-billed Loon.

Duck Lake Loon Rescue

On December 8, the Pickerel Fire and Rescue Squad Cold Water Team put themselves on very thin ice for a Common Loon before a winter storm rolled in. This adult male injured his wing months ago and was unable to migrate with his family. He is thin for his size, 8lbs 3ozs, but is doing well for the situation. He is under a lot of stress and will be transported to the Gulf as soon as possible. On a very positive note, this loon had a very low blood lead level.

To read more visit the REGI blog.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

'Tis the Season to Get Excited about Birds!

Interest in birds? Check out the Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative for some opportunities to get out and involved. All skill levels are encouraged to participate.

Be sure to check out the Christmas Bird Count and look for one near you.

Lead Poisoned Bald Eagle from Bancroft, WI

This past Sunday, January 29, some hunters found a Bald Eagle lying in the woods and immediately went into action. They made a phone call and the eagle was brought into the Raptor Education Group Inc. REGI is a non-profit organization in Antigo, WI, which focuses on educating people, rehabilitating native bird species, and research. The eagle was in very poor condition when she was brought in with an "off the charts" high blood lead level and suffering from convulsions.

To read more and stay updated visit the REGI blogspot.