Monday, March 23, 2009

First Loon Sighting

We have our first report of a loon sighting! At 9:30 A.M. on Friday March 20th, dedicated loon watcher Alan Schwoegler saw three loons on Lake Mendota in Madison Wisconsin. This is the earliest he has ever seen loons in all the years that he has been living on the shores of Lake Mendota. Normally he sees them arrive between March 23rd and 27th. Hopefully this means that loon numbers will be up this summer. I hope that you all have good luck in your birding for the migration this year!


lmac said...

We saw a loon on Paddock Lake on Saturday 3/28 and one on Geneva Lake on 3/29.

cheese2 said...

I drive to work every day across Lake Monona, Madison, WI; and this week I believe that I've seen at least 15 loons (4/2/09) at various times. It's hard to be driving & watching, but they are just so cool! It's very exciting!