Thursday, December 20, 2007

Gulf of Mexico or Bust! Rehabilitating Loons Migrating First Class

When Marge Gibson of the Raptor Education Group Inc. (REGI) received two juvenile loons, they were at the point of starvation. The female came weighing only six pounds, while the male was at seven. After depleting the minnow supply in the Antigo area, Gibson had to rely on an emergency delivery of fresh minnows from Green Bay. The loons were eating 1000 grams of minnows every day, trying to get back in good health and in pre-migration body condition.

Luckily for these loons, they didn’t have to make the long journey from Antigo to the Gulf of Mexico alone. Gibson, her grandson, and the two loons tagged along on a commercial jet flown by Midwest Cement to Alabama. After the trip, we heard that it had been a success! She wrote, “Just got home from Alabama where we left 2 very happy loons. Some Audubon folks helped me find a place where other loons were. Our loons were elated. They came out of the boxes and preened and dove and flapped and called. It was beautiful.”

Marge Gibson and REGI go the extra distance to help loons and other bird species have a second chance on life.

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